CRS is the leading consulting firm that offers companies a single trusted source for cost recovery, profit improvement and supplier screening solutions. CRS' services are provided in a broad range of operational areas where any company can realize significant improvement in bottom line profit performance. CRS' unique capabilities and global access combined with our proprietary technology has allowed our firm to deliver measurable and sustainable profit growth for companies worldwide.

“Insider” Expertise

The CRS consulting team brings hands-on industry knowledge and "insider" industry information from years of past experience as pricing managers and corporate management professionals in each of our service areas. For example, our telecom experts have years of experience working within companies in the telecommunications industry and know how these companies sell their services and their profit margins. Our small parcel freight professionals are former pricing managers from FedEx and UPS so they understand exactly how their pricing matrices work bring a unique knowledge for negotiating a cost effective contract.

Proprietary Technology

CRS utilizes a suite of proprietary software and customizes search queries to our client's industries, accounting systems and data file formats. CRS has gained the reputation of recovering greater recoveries than any other firm in the industry due to our expert knowledge combined with cutting edge software and technology. Our extensive domestic and international databases provide our team of professionals a unique perspective for how to recover overpayments and reduce companies’ operating expenses.

Unique Risk Management Services

CRS recognizes the value of proactively reducing risk by providing clients a unique web-based supplier screening service. CRS has partnered with GRMS to provide our client’s with specific screening criteria including screens of business entities and owners in over 120 countries.