Utility Audit & Negotiations

As energy prices continue to break record levels and continue to rise, now is the time to seek relief through a comprehensive study of your company’s utility costs, nationwide and worldwide. Cost reductions are available. Determine if you are purchasing energy at the lowest unit cost.

Whether the bill is for electricity, heating and cooling, or simply turning on the water tap, the costs and taxing of utility services can be reduced. In today’s deregulated environment, management of these expenses is more important than ever before.

In the ongoing quest for cost control and in light of the fact that knowledge is truly power, the more you know about the nature of utility-related industries, the better you can control costs. Providers contend that the detection of errors or over-billings is the responsibility of the customer. Yet most companies do not have the specific knowledge, experience, or direct data access necessary to challenge rate or bill accuracy. Industry expertise, ongoing review, and data connectivity are essential weapons in the hunt for these lost profits.

With the majority of medium to large businesses' utility bills containing errors, CRS and its team of consultants will serve as an independent resource to accomplish change, interface with providers, provide a sounding board for questions on deregulation, offer alternative suppliers and cost trends, and most importantly, improve your ability to recover erroneous or misapplied utility charges in one or all of the following service areas:

Our 3-Step Process Includes:

  • Retrospective Review
    Review electricity, gas, water/sewer, and waste disposal costs for possible refunds.
  • Prospective Review
    Optimize energy billing algorithms and waste-removal rates, terms, equipment, and frequency for cost reductions going forward.
  • Consumption Study
    Find opportunities to reduce consumption, increase recycling, and become a "greener" organization.

Utilizing the experience and “insider information” of our auditing specialists, we evaluate invoices, track cost trends, benchmark rates, and negotiate directly with vendors to generate refunds, obtain credits, and justify company discounts. As rate and tariff experts, we will also examine your current situation, research cost-saving opportunities, and submit recommendations geared to impact your bottom line and generate future savings for years to come.

Our experienced negotiators will interface with your suppliers, regardless of where you purchase. As you expand, free advice is offered for new locations prior to the inception of service. This assures continuous cost control.

An ongoing review of current as well as future purchases insures against ever overpaying for utility requirements. Thousands of clients have enjoyed millions of dollars in cost savings. Regardless of high energy prices, you may still be able to pay less than what you are currently being charged.

A competitive market is not the only place to save. Even in regulated markets, suppliers offer a variety of rates, schedules, riders, adjustments, and other billing factors, all of which need expert review. Otherwise, you may be paying substantially more than necessary for the same service.

Today's utility invoices are more complex and harder to understand. Rather than paying blindly, let an expert mine your company data for opportunity in the form of refunds, credits and ongoing price reductions. With a contingency-based fee, you pay only when you save money. There is no fee for the review. Every dollar saved goes right to the bottom line.

Our analysis is fully detailed and totally independent, as we have no ties to any particular supplier. This means that you will receive impartial recommendations allowing you to take full advantage of all cost options, regardless of where you purchase. As prices change, our continuous analysis will identify more savings dollars.

We also offer comprehensive on-site assessments of equipment and consumption patterns, producing powerful strategies to further reduce your company's utility bills.

Waste Management & Recycling

Energy cost containment may be only the tip of the iceberg for your company. CRS can also help you better manage your waste and recycling operations. Using a similar process as that of our energy analysis, we review your waste, recycling, and byproduct-disposal programs to maximize efficiencies and ensure your expenses are priced fairly. 

Services are offered in all 50 states, Canada, South and Central America, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Representing over 200 years of collective experience, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that utility costs are properly managed, so that each monthly purchase will be at the lowest unit price.