Single Source, No Risk Solutions

CRS’ experienced team of experts offer a single point of contact for the most comprehensive and cutting edge resources that will produce savings for companies in time and money. Our performance based compensation is contingent solely on results - if we don't recover overpayments and/or reduce your costs, there is no fee for our services. Our compensation is calculated exclusively on a share of recovered costs or new savings generated by our services.

Non-Intrusive Customized Services

The entire CRS team of consultants, operations specialists and program management experts serve our clients as unbiased third parties and remain completely independent of any supplier related affiliations. Our team of experts utilizes non-intrusive processes and proprietary technology to perform analyses with minimal interruption in day-to-day business operations. We partner with companies to efficiently identify, implement and manage expense reduction programs that are measurable and sustainable.

Expertise Through People and Technology

Our experts have decades of hands-on experience and "insider" industry information. CRS' proprietary technology and extensive national and international databases provide a wealth of cost control data resulting in significantly improved financial performance of CRS’ clients worldwide.