Real Estate Lease Audit

Real estate occupancy expenses typically represent the second largest cost of doing business for most companies, followed only by personnel expenses. Partnering with CRS and our lease audit team is the first step towards streamlining and controlling the costs associated with leased real estate assets.

With today's complex commercial property leases, it is imperative to scrutinize the rent of the firm leasing the space.

The following areas are included in the Lease Audit: utilities, common area maintenance (CAM) charges, operating expenses, and tax billings. The audit ensures that they are administered in accordance with all lease provisions. Utilizing the experience of real estate experts, CRS performs a comprehensive audit of your lease portfolio and records to identify and recover overcharges.

The success of our solution is founded on 6 key areas of service excellence:


Our consultants' depth of knowledge and experience is unmatched. CRS has recruited a seasoned team of real estate professionals that includes former property managers, real estate controllers, institutional asset managers, CPAs, architects/engineers, and property tax experts. Our broad set of skills enables us to address a multitude of issues affecting a tenant's occupancy while maintaining the integrity and sensitivity of the tenant/landlord relationship.


CRS utilizes a 3-step approach to lease auditing.

  1. The first step begins with a lease portfolio review and a preliminary analysis of each property's rent charges and expenses. CRS can determine whether the audit of a particular property is likely to produce recoveries, estimate the magnitude of those recoveries, and prioritize facilities requiring a full on-site audit.
  2. An actual audit of the occupant's records is then undertaken and a report detailing specific overcharges is prepared.
  3. Negotiation of the recovery is the final step. Our professional approach as well as our experience in negotiating politely and fairly with landlords ensures rapid resolution of any refunds. By understanding the sensitive nature of tenant/landlord relationships, CRS works creatively to identify solutions and reach mutually acceptable settlements of all disputes.


Our track record is results-driven. With thousands of lease and facility audits successfully completed over the past 10 years, our clients are assured of receiving the highest level of performance while achieving the maximum savings and efficiencies from their real estate portfolio.


Aggressive management of real estate expenses helps optimize the value of your lease portfolio. This value proposition delivers a strategic and competitive advantage.

Loyal Representation

CRS is not affiliated with any real estate brokerage or public accounting firm and does not perform services for building owners or managers. This independence allows for unbiased disposition of all lease-related cost issues and eliminates any potential conflicts of interest.

Sales and Use Tax Service

You may be overpaying sales and use taxes and not taking advantage of all the tax exemptions and rate reductions your company is entitled to. CRS will help you identify missed opportunities and refund potential, and will improve tax compliance procedures on a prospective basis.

Cost Segregation Study

Companies that own their buildings can increase their cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions and deferring federal and state income taxes through a Cost Segregation Study. Click here to learn more about Cost Segregation.

Our non-intrusive services can be initiated with no up-front fees or charges. Our performance-based compensation is contingent on results and calculated exclusively on a share of recovered costs, refunds, and credits.